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    Soul Food bars are a variety of healthy snacks, energy bars and protein bars which are made using ingredients that you can see, taste and pronounce at the back of the label. With the constant demands of a busy life and health problems on the rise. Having a snack that you can trust and depend on is crucial. Which is why our products and ingredients at Soul Food are carefully selected and created to provide the proper nutrition needed for a healthy lifestyle, no matter where you are and what you do.

    It depends on the category:
    · SuperFood Nuts and Seeds bars 25 bars per box
    · Tahini Energy Bars 25 bars per box
    · Energy Balls 24 bars per box
    · Protein Bars 24 bars per box
    · Rice Krispies 12 Bars per Box

    Soul Food bars are best for healthy snacking. They come in a variety of ranges from the perfect school snack for kids, to the most delicious protein bar snack for your pre workout.
    If you have a sweet tooth, then the Energy balls are the perfect match for you. So satisfying and guilt free. We recommend you try them all.

    By April 15th, 2023 at various hyper markets and petrol stations, in addition to multiple online platforms.

    Try them and tell us yourself 😉